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Anti Stress Anxiety Relief Game

Anti Stress Anxiety Relief Game

Want to recharge? Just put your thumbs on the two pads and recharge that battery! Yes, this is a real game.

What it does

It doesn’t take a lot for people to get stressed lately. An unexpected queue at the bank machine. No sanitiser at the entrance to the loo. Waking up and remembering the To Do list.

It’s all become a bit too much and every straw seems intent on breaking that camel’s back.

Which is where this neat little app comes in. It’s got two names – AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game on Android, and AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game on iOS.

In spite of its incongruous looks and daft games, it’s actually genius.

The app is a plethora of tiny games, designed to soothe your shattered nerves and relax those misfiring neurons.

Are you a tactile person who loves the way things feel when you cut, stroke and slice them?

The haptic feedback on your device, combined with the Soap Cutting game, will likely keep you cutting, with deep satisfaction, for ages.

Want to recharge? Just put your thumbs on the two pads and recharge that battery! Yes, this is a real game.

You can mow the lawn, wash the dishes, blend the fruit in the juicer, play pool, decorate cakes, and even decorate a Christmas tree.

These are only some of the games included for free in this app.

How it helps

Repetitive tasks and behaviours are invaluable stress-relieving tools. A study undertaken at a university in Tel Aviv found that ritualistic behaviour developed as ‘a way to induce calm and manage stress caused by unpredictability and uncontrollability’.

In short, mow that lawn. Cut that soap. Slice that sand. Make that fake cake.

Every one of these movements is a movement towards your sanity.


The app is easy to use and fun to play around with. Just beware the sudden, loud, and random advert that kicks in every few games. It’s jarring enough to undo some of the good.

That said, the app is well worth a download and a play, especially if you need a spot of calming.

What other users say

“Great app for dealing with CPTSD, PTSD, ADHD, and other mental health issues. The somatic grounding experience of this app helps kick in frontal lobe executive functioning and I highly recommend it.”– Mitch Kayle.


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