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“Becoming”, by Michelle Obama

“Becoming”, by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s extraordinary spirit and calm personality emerge from the pages with every sentence.

There are two ways to enjoy this seminal work by Michelle Obama. You can read the book, immersed in her words as you sit by a fire or in a patch of sun. Or you can listen to her read it to you.

The audiobook carries the weight of her emotions in ways that reading cannot, especially when she talks of her father’s passing and what he meant to her.

It is beautiful and moving. You will sob with her when her voice cracks and breaks as she talks.

Michelle Obama’s extraordinary spirit and calm personality emerge from the pages with every sentence.

You will join her at home when she talks of her childhood, and then you will share the moment when she meets Barack – a moment that changes her life forever.

She talks of her studies and the friendships she made with a casual air that belies her vast intellect, and the undercurrent of racism.

She talks of the day a lanky young man with buckets of confidence ambled into her office and charmed her, but still had to work hard to win her.

She talks of how she raises her children amidst the mayhem of a presidential race.

You get to experience the gruelling backstage life that comes with that race. The food they ate, the hours they worked, the challenges they overcame. Running for president is hard work.

This book will inspire, shock, amaze, anger, and startle you. But it will fill you with hope too.

Like so many women, Michelle has questions, thoughts, regrets, hopes and dreams. When this book comes to an end you are going to feel like you’ve just lost a best friend.

Someone who went from a stranger who sat down beside you with a slice of cake and a cup of tea, to a friend you want to introduce to your book club and invite round for dinner.

Tamsin Mackay

Tamsin Mackay

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