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Bite-sized reads for people in a hurry

Bite-sized reads for people in a hurry

Enjoy this selection of short and captivating books in a variety of genres.

"Enjoy this selection of short and captivating books in a variety of genres".

Enjoy this selection of short and captivating books in a variety of genres


Love and Other Poems, by Alex Dimitrov.

This is a collection of romantic and dramatic poetry and lovely moments that can be opened and read at any time of the night or day. Rich, layered, and meaningful, every poem is a moment of reflection that’s worth having.

You Better Be Lightning, by Andrea Gibson

Welcome to a world of poetry and beauty and light and healing. In addition to being powerful poetry, it’s also perfect for those who are only just starting out on their poetry journey.

American Sonnets For My Past and Future Assassin, by Terrance Hayes

Politics, mortality, family – no poetic stone is left unturned in this vibrant collection of poetry. It won’t matter where you start reading, but you may have trouble trying to stop.


The Buried Giant, by Kazuo Ishiguro

The master of storytelling and narrative creates a beautiful retelling of legend and mystery in post-Arthurian Britain. It’s a strange, interesting, and wonderfully researched book.

Heart Berries, by Terese Marie Mailhot

It’s a tough read about trauma and complexity, but it will leave a mark long after you’ve put it down. A short glimpse into life at 160 pages.

Objects of Desire, by Clare Sestanovich

This collection of short stories about women at crossroads in their lives is layered, fascinating, and heartbreaking.


Navigate Your Stars, by Jesmyn Ward

Tiny and stunningly illustrated, this book is designed to give you a shot of inspiration whenever you need it.

It’s about life, living, reality, hardship, joy, and family and can sit on your desk for that brief moment you have to pause and reflect.

Dear Self, by Rudy Dahl

This book focuses on love, loss, grief, healing, self-discovery and hope using prose, self-help and interactive elements to help you connect with, well, you.

Life is Short and So Is This Book: Brief Thoughts on Making The Most of Your Life by Peter Atkins

The title says it all when it comes to this gem. The entire book is dedicated to making every day, every second and every moment of your life count as much as it can.

It’s a delight to read and can be devoured in one sitting or in bite-sized moments.

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Tamsin Mackay

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