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This is a life and career project management tool on steroids.

What it does

It’s nearly December. For many, the New Year resolution list was used to mop up a spilled drink sometime in February.

It’s been a challenging year and for most people, it’s proving harder and harder to set goals and stick to them, in work and in life. Which is where ClickUp comes in.

This is a life and career project management tool on steroids. It can be used by teams in companies, or by individuals.

Both get the option of an unlimited free version for life. The full version costs $5 per month, a reasonable fee for a hefty feature set.

On the personal level, ClickUp is a diary and list maker and objective achiever.

You use the app to input goals, admin tasks, and To-Do lists which you can view in a plethora of dashboards that range from Gantt charts to workflows to boxes.

You get a calendar view so you can see what is due when, and you can jump from that to an activity view or a mindmap which lets you customise your goals according to priority and colour.

A nice feature is the ability to allocate tasks to people. You can use this to remind family members to get stuff done, or to plan adventures or holidays.

How it helps

Because it’s easy to use and intuitively designed, ClickUp is a quick run into organised efficiency.

You can use it to shave time off your admin life by consolidating platforms and tools you already use, or you can use it to plan ahead, set goals, and manage your life more efficiently.

While it is touted as primarily a business tool, ClickUp is a neat fit for people who feel overwhelmed.

Don’t even try to use all the features. Instead, use the scheduling, planning, and goal-setting tools to line things up, and explore the app later.

ClickUp’s real value lies in its ease of use and immediacy, giving you a fast route to organised efficiency.


ClickUp can be overwhelming if you don’t like too many options or features.

But it’s easy to use and it doesn’t stint on the features it offers for free. It can be used offline too, so you don’t need to stay connected all the time. Brilliant.

What other users say

“ClickUp is worth a try for both team users and solo users looking for a single online project management and work collaboration solution.”

Jose Maria Delos Santos, SME at Project

“I’ve used many task managers and this one is the most superior by far. Very user friendly, robust, customisable and powerful.”

Ken Kirsch, Google Play.


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