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FamiSafe is designed to protect your kids online.

What it does

FamiSafe is designed to protect your kids online. It detects and alerts you to the bad stuff, and helps you protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators, phishing, and inappropriate content.

You join by pairing your phone to your kid’s phone. You can add multiple devices, from a PC to a tablet to a laptop, but the extra devices will cost you in annual fees. Wait and see if you like what the app does before you sign up for the full costs.

FamiSafe is designed to protect your kids online.

This may seem invasive at first, but you can moderate what you view, and you should start the process with their consent. After all, this is a way of protecting them, not spying on them.

How it helps

You can use the app to regulate your child’s app usage and to manage their screen time or block certain apps. For parents with kids who live on social media, this will come as a blessing.

If they’re sneaking onto social media platforms after lights out, you can close them down. You can also block unsuitable apps and add filters to websites.

This will protect them from inadvertently accessing a dangerous website or being exposed to something unpleasant. Oh, and you can track them so if they sneak out the house after lights out, well, you’ve got them using the location tracker too.

The app also lets you see their real-time location. For parents who have kids roaming around with friends, this is invaluable for peace of mind. But, again, this should be done with their consent.

This app, with its careful controls, simple interface and clear rules helps parents protect their kids. And right now, in this world, it’s a balm to soothe the worried parental soul.


Free but with premium subscription options, FamiSafe includes a bundle of options to help you manage child safety online and in the real world.

The app will alert you if your child receives explicit content, if their apps are sending them to inappropriate sites, or if someone is using offensive language. It’s a soft and customisable wall of protection that makes a big difference.

What other users say

“FamiSafe is a parenting tool that promotes close online supervision of children without violating their privacy.” Deyan G at TechJury.

“Being a single father makes me paranoid about my kids’ safety as I often encounter lots of unsafe areas en route to work. Now, I can be inside the confines of my office and still get the precise location of my kids. The live location feature is such a massive relief.” Sissi X


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