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Insight Timer

Insight Timer

An app to help you cope in stressful times.

What it does

What do Gisele Bündchen, Lalah Delia, Goldie Hawn, and Elizabeth Gilbert have in common?

You, and the app Insight Timer, which is designed to help you manage stress, anxiety, and sleep.

These are the voices that can soothe, support, and guide you through difficult and stressful times.

For instance, you can try a calming meditation session with Goldie Hawn, or let Elizabeth Gilbert advice you on on how to face fear with compassion.

You can tune in for just a couple of minutes, or choose a course that runs for several days.

Insight Timer includes talks, poems, yoga sessions, podcasts, music, and readings, organised in categories to suit your mood and needs.

How it helps

Insight Timer can help you cope in these hectic and traumatised times. Rich in variety, insight, and support, the app can help to lift the lingering weight of the pandemic.


It’s remarkable that this app is free. It has so much variety, and you can customise it to your heart’s content.

But the beauty of Insight Timer also lies in its simplicity.

Tap on a programme, mood, or need, to find oodles of options for you to play with.

Want to be creative? There’s a tap for that. Want to cut the stress with words of wisdom? There’s someone waiting to share their insights with you.

If the app hits a note with your life, you can opt into an annual subscription with Member Plus, which will give you access to hundreds of courses and extra content.

But you don’t need to pay to experience the full value of this app.

What other users say

“Without a doubt, the best app I have come across. There are so many things to choose from and it’s all free! Sleep stories, mediations, affirmations, music, and the best part, the kids section.” – Mary Toennis.

What the experts say

“Insight Timer’s large user community remains the primary monitoring tool, as the app filters content according to ratings and “features” tracks rated 4.6 and above. With this setup, some meditation sessions on Insight Timer are better than others so it may take a while to find a voice you like.” Mashable


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