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Easy to use and manage, this app is a delightful way to keep track of your journey through life. It’s free, simple, and entertaining.

You’re a traveller. An explorer. A discoverer of hidden places. Now you need a record of your adventures for posterity.

This is where Skratch comes in. If you don’t fancy a paper map stuck on a wall, crumbling at the edges, this digital wonder will do it for you.

Skratch is a downloadable map that marks the countries you’ve visited and gives you a digital journal for logging the places you still want to go to.

It helps you build a bucket list for your future travels. You can build your entire travel history in under an hour.

The app will show you a country, and the cities and regions in that country. Tap the little pink flag for ‘Visited’, or the blue heart for ‘Want to Visit’.

You can create timelines of your memories from each country, with videos, photos and clips, and you can share your achievements with other people.

You can track your statistics to see how well you’re doing when it comes to achieving your travel dreams.

How it helps

Start by tapping on the ‘Mark Countries I’ve Visited’ button. The app will ask if it can access your photos.

It will use your photos to detect the countries you’ve visited. This is smart, especially for people who take a lot of photos.

Once the app has detected those countries, tap ‘Save My Map’ and enter your email address.

You will need to activate your relationship with Skratch before you can see your map. Fortunately, they make this easy by connecting you directly to your email.

This is a helpful tool not just because you can scroll through your memories, but because it shows you how much of the world you’ve seen, and holds your history in a digital record you can access at any time.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to always visit somewhere new, the app will make sure you don’t go to the same town twice.

It also helps you plan your travel around COVID restrictions, which is a huge bonus.


Easy to use and manage, this app is a delightful way to keep track of your journey through life. It’s free, simple, and entertaining.

Adding photos to locations is easy, and every time the app automatically detects a region, it encourages you to add your memories.

And it holds your history neatly in one accessible place.

What the experts say

“Skratch is the ultimate way to track your travel life.”

Viktor Vincej, Travelling Lifestyle.

What other users say

“This app has a really clean and colourful design and everything about the interface is so aesthetically pleasing and intuitive.”

syk2131, App Store.


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