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Spendee gives you the tools you need to take control of your spending.

What it does

Have you planned for an unexpected financial emergency? Are your bank accounts glowing with health? Do you have your life insurance, pension fund and retirement all planned out? The answer to these questions, for many people, is – maybe.

Which is why you need Spendee.

This is the app that does the hard work for you. It’s the little financial planner in your pocket that helps you manage your money more effectively.

Once you log in using your social media accounts or email address, you can connect your bank accounts to the app, or use manual budgeting plans.

For obvious reasons, connecting your bank account will get far better results. Your every spend will be captured and highlighted in painful detail.

That little coffee you had, the quick sandwich, the pair of shoes – these slowly add up.

You can’t hide from your shame and it’s the best possible thing for your financial health.

You start making healthy spending choices and saving money from the outset.

In addition to tracking your expenses, you can use the app to build funds for specific purposes. For example, the app shows you how to build an emergency fund and gives you access to articles that help you achieve your goals.

The free version offers great features and you can bypass connecting your bank accounts if you’re nervous about security and visibility.

The app can be manually managed and still help you get a handle on your money.

How it helps

You can use Spendee as much or as little as you want. There’s no pressure to dive in and change your financial profile or connect every last bank account to get minute details around your spending. The app’s genius lies in its simplicity.

You can track a single wallet to manage one set of finances and find out where your money is going, or you can use it to build a savings fund for a rainy day.

The app helps you stay focused and committed to your financial choices, and is easy to use, with pretty infographics and charts.


This free app is an excellent place to start if you want to get a grip on your spending. Grab it if you want to be in charge of your money, without the hassle or stress.

What other users say

Absolutely amazing. I’ve tried many finance tracking apps over the years and finally found the one. – Carlos García-Berro.

What the experts say

From spending categories and analysis to automatic updates and syncing with your financial accounts, Spendee is quickly becoming a top app for users around the world who are looking for help with their finances. – Nathaniel Marceau, Frugalforless


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