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The top 10 ways to give your stress a kick on Netflix

The top 10 ways to give your stress a kick on Netflix

Feeling under the weather and out of sorts? These flicks could be just the feel-good remedy you need.

"The right mix of stoner comedy, silly slapstick, and a sweet story. "

Feeling under the weather and out of sorts? These flicks could be just the feel-good remedy you need

If I have to be told once more that there are two different types of stress, one good and one bad, I may go ahead and use my bad stress to eliminate the good stress.

If you’re living on Earth in 2021, you’re probably feeling some level of the same way.

Lifestyle experts will tell you that you should get out, grab some sunshine, enjoy some exercise, and go to bed.

While they’re not wrong, I do feel they miss one of the best ways to skop stress in the pants. Watch a good movie or TV show on Netflix.

So let me introduce you to my personal top 10 stress skoppers. Click that mouse and enjoy!

  1. Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Growing up, the Monty Python collection was a rare find, scraped together on recorded VHS tapes that were passed from friend to friend. This one always hits the sweet spot when I’m languishing on the couch. For witty, clever comedy with a satirical twist and a dash of the dark, you cannot go wrong with Monty Python.

  2. Knocked Up. The right mix of stoner comedy, silly slapstick, and a sweet story, Knocked Up knows when I need to laugh unashamedly at the screen.

  3. Two Weeks Notice. I can’t resist a squiz at Hugh Grant, and while this is not his best performance (Music & Lyrics remains my favourite), it is deliriously ditzy, with Sandra Bullock matching up to Hugh in a way that makes me giggle and grin.
  1. I Give It A Year. One of my all-time favourite movies, this is a stress reliever for the giggles, and a heart-fixer when you’re facing a breakup. This movie showed me the way that love doesn’t work out, but works out anyway.
  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. You will never forget this movie. It’s a mix of the dark parts of heartache, the silly side of Jonah Hill, and more. My friends and I have an inside joke about this movie (spoiler: those are my middle names!) and it never fails to raise a giggle or 12.
  1. Daniel Sloss’ Jigsaw. For real-life reflections, a no-BS approach to facing up to yourself, and a bunch of laughs about the worst aspects of life, Daniel Sloss is your man. Jigsaw is poignant, and will make you reassess your relationships.
  1. Michael McIntyre’s Showman. Parents, rejoice. Michael McIntyre is just like us: tired, and constantly wondering how he ended up having to negotiate with terrorists, I mean, small children, every morning. Michael is honest about the failings we recognise in ourselves, and the terrible realisations we have, during the humdrum of daily family life.

  2. Iliza Shlesinger’s Freezing Hot. Iliza is a solid stress reliever, every single time. From the depths of self-doubt, to the heights of relationship wonders, she’ll have you laughing so hard, you’ll forget what was stressing you out, and your middle name.
  1. Jim & Andy. You know Jim Carrey for his comedy, but you’ll remember him for his serious roles. In Jim & Andy, Jim gets candid about his role in Man On The Moon, where he takes up the role of renowned comedian, Andy Kaufman. In many respects, Jim became Andy, and the journey is spooky in its retelling of his metamorphosis.
  1. Miss Americana. Iconic, unrelenting, and prolific. That’s Taylor Swift. Miss Americana is a story of redemption and rocketing beyond expectation. If your heart needs filling, and your ears need entertaining, Miss Americana is the one.
Cath Jenkin

Cath Jenkin

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