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Nianell, the little girl from Omaruru who sang her way to the moon & back

Sonia Nel, growing up in the little town of Omaruru in Namibia, was just six years old when she heard her destiny calling.

Sonia Nel, growing up in the little town of Omaruru in Namibia, was just six years old when she heard her destiny calling. It was calling in the sound of her own voice, big, bold, and booming with song, and she knew, one way or another, that what she wanted to do was sing. 

Single-minded in her ambition, she studied music in South Africa and at Trinity College in London, but her big breakthrough would only come much later, when she stood on stage at a music festival and began singing a poignant song of lost love that had taken her all of 20 minutes to write.

“Who Painted the Moon” went on to become an international hit, selling more than two-million copies, and turning Sonia into a household name, even if she had to change her name in the process. 

Today, as Nianell, she enjoys a thriving career not just in her chosen field of song, but as an author, motivational speaker, and meditation coach, specialising in a practise known as ThetaHealing.

The multitalented, multiplatinum artist sat down with Ruda for a revealing chat about the power of music, her marriage and subsequent breakup, and the joys of bringing up her very own harmony trio — her teenage triplet daughters.

Transcription of Ruda Talks Change with Nianell

RL: Hello, and a very warm welcome, as always, to another session of the Change Exchange, where we talk about moments of change in people’s lives. And I find these conversations fascinating because I really get to, to walk people through their history and look at those, those change moments when either a decision, a choice or circumstance just shifted your path in, in another way. And uhm … if you listeners, viewers, if you think of your own life and those moments, they are the crux of what shapes us. So today, uhm … singer, songwriter, coach these days, an author, someone with a worldwide audience … Nianell.  A very warm welcome. I’ve interviewed you before and I’m so glad to see you again, welcome …

NN: Thank you so much, Ruda, it’s wonderful to connect with you again. And yes, isn’t change just the one constant that will always be there?

RL: Well, the first major change, I think, in your life, was when you went from being Sonia Nell from Windhoek.

NN: Windhoek that’s … I was actually born in Omaruru, then I was raised, raised in Windhoek, yes, I went to school there.

RL: And then you came to Pretoria, studied music, and became Nianell. Uhm … how did that happen?

NN: That was a big move. That was a big move. You know, Ruda, I thought that if I uhm … if I go to Pretoria and I study music, it will take me maybe a month or two, and then I’ll be very famous and then I can go back home to Namibia. And I very quickly learned that overnight success takes 15 years. So, uhm … it was a big change for me because uhm … I was very sheltered in a way. I didn’t know the big world. And believe it or not, South Africa was a big world for me compared to Namibia. Now we know that South Africa, you know, is actually a tiny little place, but it was a big, big step for me. And uhm … But I enjoyed uhm … interacting with fellow musicians and artists, and I was in a hostel with drama students, so it was, it was incredible. Uhm … I believe that that change, if you’ve never been to a different country or a different place, every time you go to a new place in the world and you eat the food of that place, you actually eat and become aware of the consciousness of that place. And so, you expand, and you grow. So, yes, I love growing and I’m very, very thankful that I had the courage to move to a different country and study.

RL: Do you remember the first time you were probably on a stage, I’m guessing, you knew that this is what you want to do with your life? Was there an interaction with the audience or something that, that just said, yes, this is where I belong?

NN: You know what, Ruda, I’m going to have to be honest with you. The very first big concert I did, to launch my first album, Who Painted the Moon?, I stood on the stage and I thought, this is terrifying. I absolutely don’t know why I’m doing this. I’m so scared. I’m terrified. I don’t know if this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Why did I get this huge voice? Why do I write songs? Why do I love music so much? Uhm … I have never … In the beginning of my career, I felt that this is where I belong, that this is what I want.

RL: So why? If, If, if that’s the case, what, what drove you, what made you sit at the piano and keep working at it?

NN: Well, you see, the, the, the main thing was, is that … When I was six years old, I already sounded like an adult when I sang. So, I had this huge voice. It was so clear that this is what I was going to do. And I was so musical. And I wrote this music. And I love music. I breathe music. But I was terrified of people. So being on stage was terrifying for me. And this is what actually led me to the real journey of my life to what I really am passionate about. So, from that first moment I realised I want to sing. I love singing, but it can’t be like this. It’s got to feel better. It’s got to be different. So, for the last, I’m 49 years old now. So, for the last, what is it, 30 years that I’ve spent in the, in the, in the music industry. What I focused my intention and attention on was to become comfortable with who I am, with my talents, with my gifts, and to go on a stage without feeling so terrified to connect with human beings, to feel that connection with myself, with other people. And that was the thing I was passionate about. That was the thing that I thought, I can’t live without doing this, learning about myself, learning about other people, sharing this with them, encourage them to find their own magnificence, and find their own beauty and their own potential. That is something that I could not live without. And today, as I teach classes and I give courses, I know this I can’t live without.

RL: Yeah, yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s a – it’s a giving of energy. But I want to take you back. It’s been a hard journey, as you say, 15 years for overnight success.

NN: And then some more.

RL: And then at the same time, you had and then … sorry what was that? But, uhm… Who Painted the Moon? became an international success. Uhm … how did you experience that? To suddenly be on stage everywhere? You went to Japan; you went to Russia. You … There were international audiences.

NN: I remember when I wrote the song. And, you know, this song came to me within 20 minutes, it was such an easy, simple song and … I didn’t even want to put it on the album. I thought, no, this is, this is too simple, you know. And I was encouraged by Benjy Mudie, who was at the first label that signed me, and he said, we’ve got to put this on. In fact, let’s call the album Who Painted the Moon?. And I said, okay, if you like this song so much, it’s definitely not probably what I think one of my strongest songs are, but let’s do it. So, what I learned from that was that there’s truly magic in simplicity. It’s often the times that we don’t really try or put effort in that things flow, you know? So, for me, it was a surprise. I remember some of the biggest festivals I went to. Uhm … this is the first time I went to a festival and I saw all these people, and I was wondering, who they are coming to see. And then they told me these people are here to listen to Who Painted the Moon?. And, I must tell you, it was a bit of a surprise. I was like, I didn’t even know that the song just … you know, just love that song so much. What that has taught me is, is that there’s magic in simplicity.

RL: And did that make a difference? That night when you went on the stage or if it was at the festival, it could have been, what? 09:30 in the morning? I don’t know. But did you start trusting your link with the audience?

NN: Uhm … that was a process really, that was a process, and I think today, I’m in the place where I truly understand the power of trusting your audience, of trust in humanity, trust in human beings. We have to have faith in each other. I’m not saying trust people blindly, but with discernment. But what I really mean is believe in your audience, have faith in them, that they will understand what you’re bringing them, that they will be open to receiving it, you know? And when you can have that faith and that belief in the people out there, that’s truly when things open up. And that is a continuous journey for me, I think. We often lose faith in each other. We often say, oh, this world, everything is just going crazy and wrong. Uhm … I think we’re in a new era where we have to learn to believe in the potential that people have, that we must have trust that people will be able to change within themselves and embrace positivity, embrace life. If we do not have it – yeah, if we do not have faith in each other, how can we create change?

RL: And that, the innate first impulse is, is a kind one. A good one. There’s a wonderful book that I’m reading, Humankind, which spills over, over centuries of, of our history. Uhm … I was also listening to bits and pieces from My beautiful Escape your, you latest, latest album. And there’s so many influences in so many different songs. How did that come about? Where did you meet the … was it the other artists that influenced you? How did it happen?

NN: So, I believe that music is like a nice potjiekos or a stir-fry, every time I compose, I like to put in different elements and different feels. Uhm … this album was produced by Byron Keno, and he lives in Australia currently, but he’s a South African. So, we actually recorded that album in two different uhm … countries. And, I think we love bringing world elements into the music. For me, I love this spacious big sound that almost makes you feel like you’re floating amongst the stars. And, the melody and the, the, the message is very important for me. So, I never really want to take away from that. Uhm … My beautiful Escape was my last album that I released, and I’m currently working on a new album called Shine, and we’re going to use similar elements. I love playing with different sounds and different aspects of music. So, for me, I find great freedom within sound.

RL: But it’s, I, I find it fascinating that you’ve also, you have this big voice, as you say, stretching four octaves. But on this album, you also, you do almost like beatboxing at times and a sound like birdcalls and completely different other songs.

NN: So, here is the thing Ruda. Uhm … Since I was a little girl, I could hear vibrations and frequencies. I can hear them within people’s bodies. I hear them in the planet. And so now when I turned 40, I settled within who I am and my abilities, and I decided I’m going to lift this, I can do this, I can sing to people. I can hear their songs, I can hear the vibrations. And so, I started to do that more and more, and more. Currently, I’m giving meditations where I’ve actually seen the vibrations that I hear in the room and so, sound is incredibly healing. And the world will wake up to it because we are all music. We are all each and everybody. Every single person is a song, is a vibration, is a frequency. And I feel so blessed and privileged to hear these vibrations. So, this is what I’m doing in my music. I, I sing the frequencies in the vibrations I hear. And it’s been reported to me that it is so healing, it is so comforting. People find such serenity and peace within these frequencies. Do you know how powerful music is? When you were maybe as a teenager, you heard a song and you fell in love with that song. And somewhere in your fifties when you hear that song again, you’re in that moment again. It takes you back to that moment. It reminds you of a specific moment. Music has memory and it triggers the memory within you. And so, when I use frequencies and sound, I take people back to places not even just confined to this moment and this time, I take them back to wherever they remember that frequency and that vibration, and assist them in releasing what no longer serves them and just to align them with the magnificence of what they are a part of.

RL: How did you go about entering that field? Because that’s, it sounds as if that really is your focus at the moment, healing and coaching, and the meditation, meditations that you record, etc.

NN: How can I not go into it? I mean, it is who I am. And I believe that it is so important that we are true to who we are. So, you ask me, how did I feel on a stage the first time? It wasn’t me. But now when I walk on a stage, it’s me. I am truly honest with myself, and this big shift in this big change was instigated by the death of my mum uhm … nine years ago. And I think she kind of reminded me how important it is to stay true to yourself, how to live your passion to not waste another single moment hiding yourself, you know? This new song Shine that I’ve just written uhm … is about allowing yourself to be all that you are, fearlessly. Of what people are going to think and say, allow yourself to shine. And even if it’s weird and different to the rest of the world, you are being true to yourself. This is what flows through your veins. And then you just, you know, you can only expand from that place onwards.

RL: Why did your mum’s passing-away awaken that or, or bring you to that awareness?

NN: So … You asked me, what kept me on stage, what kept me going on – singing, singing, singing. And I was really, it was so subconscious. I wasn’t aware of it. But when I was a little child, I always had this idea. I got this idea that it was my job to save my mother and … my entire life. I believe because she was my, she was my most – oh, she’s just such a beautiful person. She was my best friend. And, I, as a child, thought that she needed me to save her. So, I thought if I can become very, very famous and very, very rich, I can give my mother everything that I believe she deserved. So, that’s what was driving me, driving me, driving me, driving me. And, you know, when my mum passed away nine years ago, suddenly I was left without a cause. I was like, what now? Who am I going to save now? Who am I going to sing for now? What am I, who am I doing all of this for? (inaudible) Happened to me. I realised no one on this planet needs saving, and if there is someone that needs to be saved, it’s me. And the only power I have is to save me. I don’t have the power to save you or anybody. I can only change me and save me. And when I woke up to that, it was such a wonderful, wonderful shift in my life. And I started doing what I loved and, and I started doing it for me. And the more I started giving to myself, the more I had to give to other people, the more I had that I could share with the world, the more joyful I felt, the more of service I could be. And so, for me, that was the big shift and change.

RL: Did you go out there and look for courses and modalities, if I can put it that way? Or did you just go inside it and find it from here?

NN: I did. Uhm … when my mum died, I suddenly got this great desire in me to understand what I was hearing uhm … Because I could always hear very interesting, strange sounds. Even my very, very first album, if you go listen to it, Uhm … I’m doing strange uhh … tones with my voice. My second album was called “Angel Tongue” because I could hear these vibrations. These, these, these uhm …. I even hear languages. So, when my mum died, I had this great need to understand me and what I’m hearing, and what this is. So, I took courses, many courses, I studied. I became a, a ThetaHealing Master in certificate of science. I uhm … I did courses in brain gym. I did courses in sound healing and sound therapy uhm … So that I could understand this gift that I have and truly, fully live up to its potential. So, yes, I … Many minutes in and I also got my Ph.D. I did a lot of studying that I can truly tell you after all of this, I’ve learned a lot. But, the wisdom, the knowledge is truly within each and every one of us. So, after a lot of studying, I actually realised, stop, become quiet, go within, and access what you already know.

RL: Yeah but it is, I think it is, a, it’s a combination of the two you need. One, needs the kind of objective, uhm … knowledge that and then integrate it into yourself.

NN: Yes.

RL: You’ve also put your thoughts and your uhm … development into two books uhm … What was the first one? Om te weet wie ek is.

NN: It was called, I actually wrote it in English because I, I write in English. You know, since I was little, all the music, all the writings come to me in English. My mum used to say, do you even dream in Afrikaans? And I was always wondering, why do I receive this? Because I’m 100% Afrikaans. But why do I receive this information in English? And I started understanding a lot more when I started doing coaching because I realised I’m teaching to the world, you know, and this lockdown was actually so amazing because we are teaching not just in our own countries now. We are accessing people from all over the world, and everyone sort of understands English. I mean, I’ve done courses in Russia, but then I had a Russian translator, uhm … So, it’s really incredible. But I mainly write in English. So, my first book is called Knowing Who I Am, and it was translated into Afrikaans, into Om te weet wie ek is. Now, that book, I told you, I think I told you before Ruda. When you write a book called Knowing Who I Am, you’re almost inviting the universe to say, okay, let’s see if you do. And it was uhm … It was really a big shift for me, that book. It took me another almost, I think, eight years before I wrote another book because I was a bit nervous, like, oh, my goodness, because once you write something down, it’s almost an invitation to see if you can live it, if you can be it, you know. And so, this uhh … The second book I wrote, which I just launched last year, is called Life Simplified, and I love practising that. So, it’s not such a big challenge as knowing who I am. What I’ve learned from my first book is that I’ve discovered that I don’t believe that we can ever truly, truly know who we are as human beings because we are so much more than that.

Every person you meet will introduce you to a different part of you that you’ve never met before. You know, they will, they will introduce you to parts of you that sometimes excites you, sometimes makes you fall in love with yourself. And sometimes people will introduce you to parts of you that you will go like, oh my goodness, I didn’t know I have that in me, you know? And so, I am on a continuous journey of knowing myself. And I think we are all eternally getting to know ourselves, and uhm …

RL: But that can, that can, that can only happen if you allow it, huh … If you cling to your, to your safe box, which consists of your views of the world and whatever, then, then …

NN: Then you only know that. But if you’re open and willing to open your heart and to other people, you will be surprised to find out how magnificent you are. And you know that the secret lies in being in full acceptance of all of the parts that you get introduced to uhm … You know, release the resistance. There’s a part of, parts of me … My, my three daughters are now 13 years old, they’ve just become teenagers. And so, I’m being introduced to parts of me that I didn’t know exist. And sometimes, I have to sit there and go, you know what? It’s okay! I was just my mum, or I was just my dad now. And, you know, can I love that part of me? Can I accept it? And I literally one day, I sat outside there, and I hugged myself, and I was like, oh, it’s okay, it’s okay. I love you, It’s okay. And so, I am so thankful that I have this understanding that every part of me that comes out here in this journey, in this physical body is not really who I am. It’s just parts showing me uhm … lessons and helping me to uhh … learn virtues and to just grow and become all I can be.

RL: Let’s talk about the personal side uhm … your family and so forth. You are with a permanent partner now, for? Five-and-a-half years?

NN: Yes.

RL: I won’t ask, I won’t ask the details, but I will ask uhm … what attracted you, what makes it work.

NN: I told you how sensitive I am to sound. And I was at this big event about five-and-a-half-years ago. Uhm … It’s uhh… You know, the Starlight Classic concerts that they give there in Cape Town. It’s so beautiful and it’s outdoors. I remember, I arrived that evening and I was standing there with my big uhh … rucksack, ready to go to my guest house, and I heard this voice behind me. And this man said to me, can I help you with your bag? I haven’t even seen him, he was behind me. And when I read this vibration of his voice, I was like, I know this voice. And then it was very dark. And we walked to the car. And I just remember feeling so safe with this person. I haven’t even seen his face yet because we were walking outdoors. And when I got to the, to the to the car, and I saw his eyes, I just recognised him.

And I know this man and we, we, we are so in love. And people often wonder if this kind of love is possible, if it is possible to find this kind of love that doesn’t fade over time but becomes stronger and blossoms in bloom. And I, I believe that this is one of the reasons why we met each other, so that we can assure people that this is possible. But this is only possible when you are embracive of yourself, when you are in acceptance of yourself, when you are in allowance of yourself, because what you are emitting to the world, if you are emitting an energy of fear or doubt, of lack of self-love or lack of self-esteem, you will attract people into your life that will reflect that to you, that will mirror that to you. So, he was such a wonderful uhm … affirmation to me that I have finally reached a place in my life where I am open to grow to, to love and accept myself, because he’s so gentle with me –  he’s so kind with me. He’s truly helped me to fall in love with myself. And I feel so blessed. I every day say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To, to God, to the creator of my children, for this beautiful man, for my life. I, I want to cry when I talk about my life. I have fallen in love with my life, and I believe that we can all feel this. We can all experience this. And this is why I’m so passionate about what I do, because, you know, this feeling of being in love, being in love with yourself. Being in love with another human being, being in love with life, this is why we came here.

RL: What do you mean?

NN: We came here to fall in love, with life, with ourselves, with each other, and that is why when you miss out on this, when you’re not experiencing it, you keep thinking something’s missing, something is missing. You know, this is what I love about my workshops and my courses. I help people to get to that place where they can fall in love with themselves, with other people, with life. We are meant to be in love with all of who we are.

RL: But it hasn’t been, it hasn’t always been easy or smooth sailing for you. You got divorced from the father of your daughters. What is that process? Because divorce is always a really horrible … It feels disastrous, I’m sure. Uhm … What did they teach you?

NN: For me, it was the greatest blessing in my life. Because I’m so thankful for that experience, because I had so many limiting things that I believed. First of all, I believe that if I do something that other people do not agree with, I will be punished for it. But it was so subconscious. So, when I get divorced, when I finally, after 17 years of being together with this man, which is a wonderful man, and I still love him very much, he is a fantastic father. It took a lot of courage to leave a good man like that, because there was nothing wrong with him, but there was nothing really right with us. You know, we were like strangers to each other, and we actually got divorced because we love each other. We got married because we were afraid of being alone. We were so afraid of being alone. And you should never make a decision and a choice in your life based on fear. Your decision should also come always from a place of passion, love and, you know? From a place of positive. So, if you make a decision from fear, it is not going to serve you or somebody else. It took a lot of courage for me to file for divorce. And one thing I didn’t keep in mind was that, yes, my fans wasn’t very, and my supporters just wasn’t very happy and accommodating with this decision. I was a little surprised that they were so angry with me. They, they told me I’m, I’m the worst mother on planet Earth, and God has written me off. And when I receive these messages, I felt almost like, oh, I’ve let so many people down. Again, my focus went to the other people. With my mum, it was about her. And then, yeah, it was like … and somewhere deep inside me, I had this belief system. Whenever I do something for myself, okay, no one is going to accept it. I’m going to be punished, things are not going to go right for me. And for a while, for quite a while after my divorce, I experienced punishment. I felt like I’m being punished for making a decision that I felt in my heart was the best for me. And I had to clear these limiting beliefs, I had to really work on myself and get to a place where I can say, no, I have a right to choose what makes me happy, even if the entire world hates me for that. I am not responsible for them. I’m responsible for me, I’m responsible for my own joy and for my own happiness. And I cannot be of service to anyone if I am not happy.

RL: Talk to me about your daughters. I want to go back to the beginning. Do you remember hearing the news that you were expecting three?

NN: I do. So, you know, uhm … Being a very intuitive person, I knew, I always knew that I was going to have three children, and I knew for sure that two of them are going to come together. I knew this because even when I got married, I got a double bunk bed, and I’ve told all my band members and everyone I knew I’m going to have. I’ve always told them I’m going to have three children, and I’m hoping they come together. But I knew, two was definitely going to come together. So, when I knew I was pregnant, I went for my first visitation to the doctor’s rooms. We went in, she said, okay, you can expect the baby in about September, let’s go do a sonar. And she was looking in there, and she said to me, oh, there’s a little heartbeat. And she says, wait, wait, wait, there’s two, two heartbeats. And I said, “Yes!”. I knew that. And then she said to me, wait, wait, wait. And I was like … I hope she didn’t make a mistake because I knew they were going to be two. And then she says, I’m hearing three heartbeats. And then I was a little bit quiet. I was a bit quiet for a while. And you can. It’s not an easy thing for me to be quiet, and so I just listened to her for an hour telling me all the complications with giving birth to triplets, you know, but I was so excited I didn’t really listen to her. And then I came home, and I found the entire planet and I told them, I’m going to have three babies at once, and I’m so excited. And that evening, I uhm … started remembering everything she was telling me about what could go wrong in this high-risk pregnancy. Uhm … Because I became pregnant naturally, and uhm … I started getting fearful, and the very next day, uhm … cousins of mine sent me a link and she said tonight on TV, Discovery channel, there’s going to be a programme on ‘In the womb’, and it was so fascinating because I watched this whole programme about the miracle of birth. And, there was twins and triplets, and quadruplets, and you, you watch the whole journey. And at the end, this guy said, “No matter if it’s one baby, two, three, four, five, six, or how many, this remains a miracle. And it is not really in our hands, and in that moment, I just surrendered. One area in my life that I’ve just trusted. I said to myself, “I’m going to do my best and I am just gonna let God do the rest”. I’m just gonna let it be as it is. I truly trusted, and you know, that area of my life has always been so easy, it’s just flowing. So, my lessons in life is to bring that trust into every area of my life.

RL: And now that they are turning into teenagers, how have they changed? And how is that changing your life? 

NN: You know, there’s lot of changes here in our home. Because uhm … You would know, when I brought a new partner in there’s changes and their side, they have lot of changes cause their father got married with two little girls. Uhm … that, uhm … the woman he married has got two little girls. So, there’s been so much change, uhm … so many changes, for all of us. And, definitely something also shifted when they become a little older. And every change that happens is a friend, because it introduces us to another part of us, you know? And I feel that, uhm … we went through lockdown one of our biggest changes, uhm … because my partner moved in with me, and it was a big change in our home. And I received a little bit of resistance from my daughters. And I looked at this like, uhm … I was, I was, first of all, a little angry about the resistance. How can you not want me to have this beautiful man? You love him, you talk to him, you, you, you know, he is so good for you guys. You see? I realised that they were afraid, that he is going to replace them. And, but then, a magical thing happened, Ruda. I realised that, because of this mirror, uhm … and this reflection theory I have, I never, I don’t believe things happen to us, I believe we create them. Then the same thing again, things happen to us, we create them. So, when I received this resistance from my children, I sat down and I thought to myself, “Okay, let’s see, where are you in resistance of this change in your home?”. And I realised that I had a lot of resistance. I mean, being married for a very long time, there’s things that, that you resist, things that you bring in, there’s things that you don’t want to happen again. And so, I sat down, and I looked at all my own resistance, uhm … regarding this man moving in my life again, becoming part of my life again. And I started clearing all my resistances, you know? I cleared and I thought, you know? And, you know? I was, I was also telling him, I said, you know, I was thinking about all the things that could go wrong, and I was telling him. And then after I was telling him, and then, he said to me, “And have you thought about all the things that could go right?”. You know? And then, that’s how wonderful he is. And as I clear the resistance in me, my children just release their resistance, and this is one of the most powerful techniques I wanna invite the whole universe to do. Whenever you receive any form of resistance or triggers or anything, have a look inside. What is going on in you, ‘cause you are attracting it, you are calling it into your life. My three beautiful little girls have taught me so much, they are my greatest teachers, you know? Uhm … My first born will always tell me, uhm … she loves to challenge me, you know? So, I give many, many courses, and she will always come up to me, especially after this one moment where we have this little, uhm … you know, this little resistance happening. In that time, I was giving a relationship course and I, I created this beautiful manual, and my manual was lying there on the table. Now, my little girls were feeling that I am not choosing them, and you know, and that, so they were feeling that we are having problems. And my relationship manual was lying on the table ,and she came up to me, and she took the manual, and she shows me and she says, “Are you teaching a relationship course?, and I said, “Yes”. She says, “How can you teach a relationship course when you are not good with relationships”. And I, and I looked at her and I said, “You know what my baby? When we want to learn something, okay, we go take courses, but when we want to master something, we teach it. So, I am not saying that I’ve got this right, but I’m telling you I’m doing this because I’ve got such a great desire to get better and better, and better”. So, I’ve learnt to answer her, she’s a, she uhh … really brings out all my own little stuff for me to look at, you know? And they uhh … have taught me about teamwork. The three of them came together, and I believe that this is also the era that, we, as a humanity are moving into now, is teamwork. We have to be there for each other, we need to, uhm …  connect, and these three little girls know how to do that. Because when they stand together, it’s like a hurricane and I, I stand no chance. Teamwork is powerful.

RL: So, what is the one thing that you hope that theyall take with them, the one that you would really like to teach them, and well, you will have started already the course, they are 13. But uhh … the value, the groundwork that you want to convey?

NN: I know that I can’t with my words, teach my children really anything.  But by who I am and by my being and, I want to be the person that I would love my children to become. I want to show them that I am worthy and deserving of happiness and joy. That I choose myself first, because I understand that when I am whole and happy, I have so much more to give. Uhm … I wanna show them that I am kind to myself, I wanna show them that I’m gentle with myself, that I am tolerant, and patient and forgiving with myself. I wanna show them that it’s possible to love yourself and accept yourself – even if you’ve lost your temper. Even if you’ve done things that are not truly who you are, that you can accept, that you can be kind and embracive of that. Because I know that if my children can embrace themselves, they can love and accept themselves, that they would be able to conquer anything out there in the world. And that is the one thing that I would love to leave with them, and the only way I could do that is by being that.

RL: Nianell, thank you so much. I think that’s an absolute lovely note to end on. And, I can see that with the big birthday coming up next year, new changes, new shifts. Uhm … all of the very best and you have so much to give. Thank you.

NN: Ruda, it was a blessing connecting with you, I always love talking to you, you are so beautiful. So, continue to introduce the world to this information and help us all to connect, thank you so much.

RL: Thank you and thank you for watching wherever you are. Enjoy your life, it’s … we’ve had wonderful messages from Nianell today that we can all take to heart. Goodbye, until next time.


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