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7 ways to turn NOvember into get-up-and-GO-vember

7 ways to turn NOvember into get-up-and-GO-vember

As the year enters its final, gruelling stretch, here’s how to boost your energy and win the race.

Let's make November a testament to our tenacity. Obstacles may knock us down, but they won’t knock us out.

November is a curious month. For many, it’s a time of year-end exams, last-minute projects, and impending holiday prep.

In the 11th month, at the 11th hour, when the weight of the year sits heaviest, the month’s name itself starts with a resounding “No”.

Every day seems to tempt us. Say no to that early alarm. Say no to tackling that growing to-do list. Say no to choosing a healthy salad over comfort food.

It’s almost as if winter’s inertia, in a last-ditch attempt, is trying to eclipse spring’s energy.

The Final Stretch: Testing Your Mettle

In the Southern Hemisphere, November is a mixture of contrasts. Spring’s vitality heralds the joys of summer, yet it’s also a time of reckoning, the ultimate test of your year-long efforts.

The challenges this month brings are like the gruelling final stages of the Comrades Ultramarathon or the last steep ascent up Kilimanjaro. Every muscle begs for respite, but the clock demands “one more round”.

Mind Over Matter: The Inner Struggle

Most of us aren’t battling visible foes in November. We’re confronting life’s intangible challenges — doubt, fear, and procrastination. Each internal struggle is a bout with self-imposed limitations.

Just as a boxer throws punches, we must gather the strength to combat the invisible adversaries of our psyche. The toughest part often emerges when you’re on the cusp of success, but the temptation to slow down and quit toys with you.

Your mind might whisper: “I don’t think I can.” You must train your brain to listen to a different tune.

Who dictates the fight – your doubtful mind or something more profound, more enduring, more purposeful? It is a matter of believing in yourself, of mind over matter. The choice is yours.

Reframing “No”: A Change in Perspective

Words are just sounds until we give them meaning. “No” need not signify defeat. It can also express defiance.

No to giving up. No to self-doubt. No to procrastination. No to naysayers. Instead of being defeated by the “No” in November, counter it with a powerful “Not this time!”

Each time you feel like giving up, think of the resilience you have already shown and the challenges you have already overcome.

Facing off to November requires digging deep one last time, to gather the willpower to break through self-limiting beliefs. It requires a fresh perspective, a renewed self-assurance and a positive mindset.

Navigating November: Practical Tips

To navigate November’s challenges, consider these practical tips:

  • Visualise December: Picture the pride, relief and sense of accomplishment at finishing the year strong; it inspires commitment.
  • Set micro goals: Divide the month into small tasks and conquer them daily. Small tasks eventually lead to big achievements.
  • Celebrate small wins: Acknowledge every accomplishment, no matter how small, to boost your motivation.
  • Stay connected: Share your struggles and wins with friends or family. Let them act as your accountability partners.
  • Stay active: Dedicate time daily to physical movement, like a brisk walk or a workout to boost energy, resilience and vitality.
  • Embrace novelty: Try something new or change routines for an energising experience. It breaks monotony and invites a different perspective.
  • Prioritise self-care: Rest, breathe and rejuvenate for mental and emotional well-being. Be present in each moment. Embrace setbacks as part of the journey and experience.

A Time for Growth and Reflection

As we approach summer, let’s see November not as a month of resistance, but as a period for growth and introspection.

Let’s rewrite the narrative, making November a testament to our tenacity. Obstacles may knock us down, but they won’t knock us out.

Gloves up, everyone! Tackle November head-on. Relish its quirks. Stand firm in the belief that you’re bigger than its challenges. And turn November into Go-vember!

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Abundance At Work

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